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Integrating Peers in Recovery Services

Support provided by peer workers benefits people in or seeking recovery in many ways. Employing peers and partnering with peer-run organizations improves capacity to effectively engage with and support people living with behavioral health conditions. Use these resources to learn more about integrating peer support workers in recovery services:

Peer Support and Recovery from Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders video (6:33 minutes)
Peer Support podcast playlist
Value of Peer Support (PDF), Spanish version: Apoyo entre compañeros (PDF)
Family, Parent, and Caregiver Peer Support in Behavioral Health (PDF), Spanish version: Apoyo de pares para padres o encargados de niños y jóvenes con problemas de comportamiento (PDF)
Peers Supporting Recovery from Mental Health Conditions (PDF), Spanish version: Recuperación de problemas de salud mental con el apoyo de campañeros (PDF)
Peers Supporting Recovery from Substance Use Disorders (PDF), Spanish version: Recuperación de trastornos de consumo de sustancias con el apoyo de pares (PDF)
Core Competencies for Peer Workers in Behavioral Health Services (PDF)
Integration and Supervision of Peer Workers video (61:39 minutes)
• Supervision of Peer Workers: how to use these resources, supervision of peer workers guidelines, slide deck with trainer notes (PDF), supervisor self-assessment (PDF), supervision resource list (PDF)
Peers Supporting Youth and Young Adult Recovery (PDF)
Integrating Peer Support Workers in Interdisciplinary Care Teams (PDF)
Providing Peer Support in Crisis Services video (60:07 minutes)
Ethics and Boundaries in Peer Support Services video (57:25 minutes)

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