C4 Innovations

Peer Delivered Intervention for Youth

Enhancing adolescent SBIRT with a peer-delivered intervention: An implementation study” by C4’s Laura Pannella Winn, Kristen Paquette, Laura Rose Donegan, Catriona Wilkey, and Kathleen Ferreira, was published recently in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.

Project Amp is a brief mentorship intervention pairing youth with young adults in recovery to enhance resiliency and prevent alcohol and other drug use. The intervention is intended to supplement the Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) process. C4 experts developed the intervention and studied feasibility of and barriers to integrating it into clinics and schools. Results indicate that Project Amp can be conducted successfully in school and healthcare settings in conjunction with SBIRT. Together, they can add capacity to expand access to screening and early intervention in developmentally appropriate ways. Results also yielded insights into adaptations for future implementation.

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