C4 Innovations

Supporting Healing & Growth After Traumatic Events

The past two years have been difficult and traumatic in many ways. People working in health and human services have faced innumerable challenges. In response to these challenges, offering safe, supportive spaces and shared learning opportunities can help your staff process trauma and promote healing and post-traumatic growth across your agency. C4 staff can partner with you to create and implement a customized, practical experience including:

–Training on how trauma manifests in the body, identifying and coping with triggers, moving forward with healing, and using coping skills and mindfulness techniques that emphasize resilience

–Coaching and consultation on creating a trauma-informed culture through strategies such as trauma-informed supervision, promoting diverse inclusive groups, and examining practices, policies, and programmatic approaches to ensure employee well-being

–Facilitated conversations to share and process experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and impact on staff members and their families

–Affinity groups and support spaces to honor the lived experience of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and help address racial and ethnic trauma, stress, and oppression

–Affinity groups and support spaces for people seeking to be mindful in addressing issues around racial and ethnic oppression

–Development of peer support groups to build a community and offer peer-to-peer sharing opportunities to ensure continuity of support spaces to share and process traumatic events

At C4, we prioritize lived experience, and as a result, many of our staff bring first-hand knowledge about receiving and delivering services. We are committed to racial equity and social justice, reducing disparities, advancing person-centered care, and supporting recovery and stable housing. Email us to begin a discussion about how we can partner with you to support your staff. Learn more about how we provide customized support and consulting.