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We collaborate deeply to identify service gaps, redesign systems, and implement programs and practices that support equitable access to recovery, wellness, and housing stability.

We Stand for Racial Justice & Equity

C4 commits to dismantling systemic and structural racism across all of our work in housing and behavioral health systems. With urgency, we stand with all who are working for racial equity and justice. We condemn the racist oppression, victimization, and disproportionate suffering and deaths of Black and non-white people occurring now and throughout America's history.

Illustration of diverse people working together to for social change.
Illustration of diverse people working together to for social change.

Fall Courses: Starting Soon

Join us this fall for live, online courses to grow your impact!


Trauma-Informed Supervision: Centering Equity: starts 10/20

Understanding Critical Time Intervention: starts 10/24

Best Practices in Healing: Opioid Use Disorder: starts 11/1

How Can C4 Support Your Goals?

We understand your mission guides your work. Are you looking to improve your services and grow your impact? Want to train your staff and improve outcomes? Partner with us for customized support and real-world solutions focused on achieving your goals and fostering real change for real lives.

Policy Academies operated by C4 have been instrumental in directing attention and resources to recovery support services and including voices of the recovery community in our planning and decision-making.

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