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We collaborate deeply to identify service gaps, redesign systems, and implement programs and practices that support equitable access to recovery, wellness, and housing stability.

We Stand for Racial Justice

C4 mourns and condemns the racist murders and continuing deaths, victimizations, and oppression of Black and non-white people occurring now and throughout America's history. We stand with those working for racial justice and commit to dismantling racism in all forms and especially in housing and behavioral health systems.

Illustration of diverse people working together to for social change.
Illustration of diverse people working together to for social change.

We Are Hiring

Join our team! We have the following positions open: Racial Equity and Housing Strategist, Housing and Homelessness Subject Matter Expert, Trainer, Indigenous Behavioral Health and Recovery Specialist, Peer Support Specialist.

Homelessness and Mental Health: Unhoused, Unconnected & Under Stress

Join us on Thursday, February 24 from 2-3 pm ET as we discuss difficulties facing people who are unhoused and coping with mental health challenges. We will share strategies and approaches that may be useful when providing support.

Policy Academies operated by C4 have been instrumental in directing attention and resources to recovery support services and including voices of the recovery community in our planning and decision-making.

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