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We Stand for Racial Justice

C4 mourns and condemns the racist murders and continuing deaths, victimizations, discrimination, and oppression of Black and non-White people occurring now and that have occurred throughout America’s history. We stand with those working every day for racial justice and commit to dismantling racism in all forms. Listen as Regina Cannon, our Chief Equity and Impact Officer, reflects on race, racism, and equity on “Morning Cup of Equity.”


Achieve lasting change for individuals and communities affected by substance use, mental illness, trauma, and housing instability

C4 Innovations advances recovery, wellness, and housing stability for people who are marginalized. We are committed to reducing disparities and achieving equitable outcomes.

We partner with service organizations, communities, and systems to develop and implement research-based solutions that are:

• Person-centered
• Recovery-oriented
• Trauma-informed

Illustration of diverse people working together to for social change.

Strategic learning approaches that strengthen knowledge and build practical skills


Custom solutions that transform organizations, systems, and communities


Driven by values and informed by research, first-hand knowledge, and lived experience

We Are Hiring

Join our team! Our job openings include: Racial Equity Subject Matter Expert, Indigenous Behavioral Health & Recovery Specialist, Peer Support Specialist, and Trainer (substance use disorder, recovery, addiction treatment, prevention, and early intervention).

Bringing Grace and Hope to the Holidays

Join us on December 16 from 2-3 pm ET for a special Recovery LIVE event as we celebrate recovery during the holidays. We will turn on the cameras, open up the phone lines, and ask all of you to bring and share what you use to maintain hope, grace, joy, peace, and comfort to this season!